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Mobile Attribution


The Next Phase in the Age of Mobile Advertising from BIAKelsey

Mobile local campaign tactics won’t just involve where the ads show up and what they contain, but how they’re measured. A feedback loop of ad effectiveness drives towards one of the most important areas of mobile ad innovation in the coming years: Attribution.

Knowing which ads effectively drove brand lift and various forms of conversions will have a vital role in optimizing and assigning value to mobile ad tactics. And that will only come about through accurate measurement of actions taken after ad exposure and engagement.

This is developing in lots of ways that are getting attention such as “closed loop” point of sale technologies. This includes mobile payments, coupons and other areas whose nascent stage and fragmented standards compel more realistic near-term solutions.

Attribution technologies are developing along these lines to speak the language of large advertisers. Brand ad dollars are where the action is in mobile today, and attributing the success of those campaigns is the name of the game.

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