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Mobile Advertising: Driving Customers to Your Franchisee's Door

Mobile advertising is changing the digital marketing strategy of businesses today…and will continue to change the face of advertising and ad spend dollars as mobile technology evolves.

This year at IFA 2014, AdSmart is proud to have two team members, Steve Bridge and Michael Boyer, facilitating Roundtables at the Digital Marketing and Technology Summit on Sunday, February 23rd. The Roundtables will take place between 9 a.m. and 12 noon CST.

Join AdSmart’s Michael Boyer at his Roundtable addressing:

7 Steps to Drive new Customers with Mobile Display Advertising

If you’re not enjoying all the exhibitors and events at the IFA conference, download the Handout for Round Table – DrivingNewCustomers here.

Whether or not you’re a franchise owner, this worksheet gives you a great starting point and helps you brainstorm ideas for your mobile marketing strategy.

Join Steve Bridge to learn about one of the most significant factors in mobile advertising: Geofencing. Geofencing is location-based targeted advertising. With smartphones and GPS technology, geofencing is making mobile advertising specific to real-time consumers who are in a specific location. And it is connecting businesses with consumers in interactive engagement in meaningful ways that can increase ROI.

How Geofencing in Mobile Advertising Increase Your ROI



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