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Why Facebook Is Failing Marketers

by Nate Elliott

Nate tells us Why Facebook Is Failing Marketers in this great Forrester research article

Facebook Has The Potential To Redefine Marketing

Why do marketers spend billions on Facebook every quarter? Because it claims a
larger audience than marketers have ever seen; it knows a remarkable amount about people and their preferences; and it offers the potential for genuine interaction between companies and customers.

But Facebook Has abandoned Its Promise

Despite its potential, Facebook hasn’t revolutionized marketing. In fact, Facebook no longer supports social marketing. It has become a Web 1.0-style ad seller, focused almost exclusively on the advertising models that marketers once hoped Facebook would replace.

The Result: Facebook Is Failing Marketers

By abandoning its promise, Facebook has failed to realize its potential and has disappointed marketers. Our surveys show that Facebook creates less business value than any other digital marketing opportunity, both because its marketing opportunities don’t stack up to competitors and because Facebook offers marketers too little guidance and support.

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Michael Boyer is an executive at AdSmart, Inc. a mobile advertising business and provides insights into the direction of mobile marketing for franchise systems and large dealer networks.

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