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Mobile Mind Shift and the Mobile Moment

This excerpt was originally published in a report by Forrester, “Re-Engineer Your Business For Mobile Moments,” January 24, 2014.

Mobile Mind ShiftThe Mobile Mind Shift: the expectation that customers can get what they want in their immediate context and moment of need: I feel a need (big or small), I tap on an app, my need is satisfied. This shift to immediacy means that brands will be fighting for customer’s attention in Mobile Moments – whenever a customer uses their mobile device. And because mobile devices are inescapable in our lives today that means, mobile moments have a significant impact on your brand; they are opportunities to connect with customers whenever their specific need arises.

The Forrester report describes an IDEA cycle, a new business philosophy that help brands better serve customers in mobile moments. The IDEA cycle is: “Identify mobile moments; Design the mobile engagement; Engineer your platforms, processes, and people for mobile; and Analyze results to monitor performance and improve outcomes.”

Brands must be savvy enough to engage customers in mobile moments. Give customers information and services they need whenever they need them and wherever they are. Innovate new services your brand can deliver in customer’s mobile moments.

Read an excerpt from the Forrester report about the Mobile Mind Shift and how to shift your brand to best serve your customers in Mobile Moments.

Get Forrester’s full Re-Engineer Your Business For Mobile Moments report.


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