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While mobile advertising is now integral in most digital marketing strategies, it can still cause some confusion. We hope these mobile FASQs will answer your questions, but feel free to contact us if you still need more information!

How many zip codes are you selling to other 
realtors in my area?

We make sure that each area is never oversaturated. For example, we’ve limited each customer to 50,000 but we have 350,000 
to give out. An urban place such as LA and rural area such as North Dakota have different totals 

Can I update my mobile ad after I create it?

Not yet, but we are working to give you the ability to update an existing ad soon.

Where are my mobile ads distributed?

Our platform accesses over 30,000 mobile apps. When a smartphone user in the zip code(s) you chose uses any of these apps, your ad may appear to that user.

What if my customers don’t read Fox News, Shape,

These are just a few of the mobile apps where we distribute mobile ads; even if they don’t use the most popular ones, the ads will pop up 
on the apps your customers DO use.

Can I upload an image of property instead of my headshot?

Yes, you can.

For Keller Williams Associates: Can I change the language on my landing page or just the information in the ad itself?

Yes, as a Keller Williams Associate, you can change the headline and body copy on the landing page by going to kw.adsmartnow.com.  Click on “Login” in the top navigation bar and log in using the credentials you created when initially setting up your ad.

The AdSmart website says, “Up to 10,000 impressions per month” – does that mean my ad will appear 10,000 times?

Yes, during the month of your ad campaign, your ad is exposed to customers (this is an “impression”) in each zip code you choose more than 10,000 times.

When will my mobile ad impressions begin? 

The set of impressions will reset on the first of each month. For example, if you purchase an ad set on the 10th of the month, your impressions will run the remaining 20 days and reset on the first of the following month. If you purchase on the 20th of the month, your impressions will all run in the following 10 days and then reset and be spread across the entirety of the subsequent months.  If you purchase your mobile ad campaign late in the month (e.g., 21st or later), we will generally wait until the first of the following month to begin your impressions.

When will I be billed for my mobile ad campaign?

Your card is charged for the mobile ad campaign at the time you sign up and create it. After that initial charge, your card is charged every time your campaign is renewed, either quarterly or annually (you specify this before launching your campaign). You will also receive an email notification before the renewal date.

How will I know when my mobile ads are actually running?

When you sign up for AdSmart mobile ads, you should receive two automated emails:  one that confirms “you have signed up” and one that indicates “your ad is now running (when applicable).”

When I’m in Administrative View of the program, how do I know which ad is actually running?

Your most recent ad always shows up on the top of the list. Ads below represent earlier ads you may have run and/or edited.

In my reports, what is the difference between Landing Page Visits, Clicks and Leads?

Each of these actions indicates different levels of your clients’ or customers’ engagement with your ads.

  • A Landing Page Visit means someone clicked on your ad and viewed your landing page.
  • A Landing Page Click means they not only made it to your landing page, but they clicked on some item on the page, such as a phone number or the search link.
  • A Landing Page Lead means someone clicked to your landing page and they actually filled out the form for you to contact them.

If you have other questions about AdSmart mobile ads, your account or need another type of support, we are here for you:

  • Email our Mobile Team at info@adsmartnow.com
  • Call us at 805-781-9378 and ask for our Mobile Team
  • You can also use our Contact Form. You’ll be directed to the contact form on our Digital West site; click on “Mobile Advertising” under the Service You Are Interested in tab and type in your question.


AdSmart, now a part of Digital West Networks, Inc., provides mobile advertising software for real estate and franchise companies. Together, Digital West and AdSmart provide businesses all their IT-related and digital marketing needs through one, trusted vendor.