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AdSmart’s Mobile Display advertising platform gives your real estate, franchise company, and franchise owners powerful location-targeted mobile advertising to drive local consumers to you. Create and manage engaging branded mobile campaigns easily – and in real-time. Take your mobile advertising to the next level with AdSmart Mobile. Wherever people live, play, and work – put your mobile ads on their smartphone with industry-leading technology, a premium news-based inventory and dynamic geographic precision.

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Here’s How AdSmart Mobile Advertising works:

First: We Create Creative Assets for Your Campaign
For realtors, using the AdSmart Mobile Ad wizard allows you to create your mobile ad and launch it in minutes!

For franchises, we can help you design compelling creative assets that drive consumers to your business.Incorporating consumer location (miles away from you) and other location-related information into a the visual piece, your ad targets the right person on their smartphone at the right time – in real time.

Second: Select Your Zip Code or Participating Franchise Locations
Realtors choose the zip codes their listings are in or their primary business areas. Franchises choose which franchise locations will participate in each campaign. Choose as few or as many as you want using location addresses and zip codes.

Third: Select Size of Campaign
Decide how small or large to set your geo-targeting (from foot traffic to an entire town or city). Precise geographic information leads to higher-quality and specific consumer targeting.

More campaign target assets

  • Time of Day – choose optimal times for your consumers to see your ads: days of the week, times of the day.
  • Advertising Categories – select from an A-List inventory that includes premium local and national news outlets, lifestyle brands, and top games and applications.

Need more information about AdSmart Mobile Advertising?
Please contact us at Digital West with any questions you have or support you may need about AdSmart Mobile advertising. You’ll be directed to our contact form on the Digital West site; click on “Mobile Advertising” under the Service You Are Interested in tab. We’ll be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible!

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AdSmart, now a part of Digital West Networks, Inc., provides mobile advertising software for real estate and franchise companies. Together, Digital West and AdSmart provide businesses all their IT-related and digital marketing needs through one trusted vendor.